Working with us

We are committed to being a sustainable and responsible business.

Ramsay Health Care supported by a large and complex global supply chain of over 15,000 suppliers operating across more than 30 countries and want to ensure our purchasing decisions have a positive impact on our people, the planet and the communities in which we operate.

A key method for us to communicate our expectations of suppliers is through the Global Responsible Sourcing Policy, which clearly sets out expectation of suppliers in doing business with Ramsay regarding

  1. business ethics
  2. human rights and labour standards
  3. the environment
  4. society and the communities we operate within.

Ramsay is progressively incorporating contractual provisions into our standard supply and services agreements to require suppliers to comply with the Policy and additional clauses to ensure compliance with relevant modern slavery laws.

Our objectives

Resilient supply chain
Strong governance
Robust risk management
Enhanced supplier partnerships
Net positive benefit

We value our supplier relationships and recognise the critical role they play in supporting our business, people and local communities.

We work with our suppliers to improve performance and tackle important community issues such as climate change, waste reduction, equity and inclusion.

Collaborating with our suppliers is key to achieving our Ramsay Cares sustainability goals. It is also important for supporting the UN Global Compact, which calls on companies to align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

We are also committed to driving action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As well as meeting our responsible sourcing and sustainability requirements, our performance standards for suppliers include:

  1. Competitive pricing and cost saving initiatives
  2. On-time delivery
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Proven financial viability
  5. Value added capabilities
  6. Commitment to health and safety
  7. Sensitivity to brand reputation
  8. Compliance with Ramsay policies and relevant legislation.

Responsible sourcing

Our Global Responsible Sourcing Program is key to achieving Ramsay's sustainability goals.

Working with Ramsay

Ramsay’s Responsible Sourcing Program is key to achieving our sustainability goals, which is why we are collaborating with EcoVadis to help provide greater transparency across our global supply chain and ensure our supply partners are operating in ethical, responsible and sustainable ways.

We invite suppliers to complete the EcoVadis assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability practices. Together, we can support healthier people, stronger communities and a thriving planet.
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